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A timely screening of Charlie Chaplin’s classic SATIRE

Chaplin has an almost mystical way of becoming ever more relevant as history moves on, and there was never a more fitting time than now for this classic film, with its plea for a world of peace, without totalitarianism, despotism, intolerance and racism.

As Simon Wiesenthal put it, “Humour is the weapon of unarmed people” and that weapon was never better used than in Charles Chaplin’s great classic comedy-satire, THE GREAT DICTATOR (1940).

When THE GREAT DICTATOR came out in 1940 both the political left and right were puzzled by Chaplin’s final emotional peroration from the screen–not what you are expecting as the climax of a comedy.

Film certification: PG
Film Running Time 125mins.

Chaplin and Hitler were born within a week of one another. in the resemblance between the Little Tramp and Adolf Hitler, representing opposite poles of humanity.”
— Chaplin biographer David Robinson