• TOPANGA, CA 90290
  • USA

Reception in TCC House: 6:30PM

Live Music by SANKiRTAN on the Ball Field: 8:00PM

Dance Film Showcase on the Ball Field: 9:00PM 

Join us for an extraordinary evening under the stars at the Topanga Community Club as we kick off the 11th Annual Topanga Film Festival: Technology @ Play.

The evening's festivities include live music and theatrics by roving performers; live music by Wooden Roots Experience, SANKiRTAN, and Sound Shrine; interactive experience with SpaceHarp; face and body painting by Cassandra Love Lambert; circus and aerial performers from FOCUSfish; and live silkscreening, courtesy of Sparky Firepants - Bring an article of clothing and leave with a TFF'15 memento! The night will be capped off with an outdoor screening of the Dance Film Showcase, featuring short dance films from around the world.

The kitchen will be serving up an array of playful fair food favorites with a healthy and two drink tickets are included with a ticket to the event. Score!


FERRY | Directed  by Jennifer Keller

Remembering a happier past, a woman resists inevitable change at the remains of an old ferry docking station.

GRAMMAR OF MOVEMENT | Directed by Roger Stoneburner

A blend of poetry, visuals, and dance tells the true story of dancer Ryan Rodriguez -- once featured on "America's Got Talent" -- and his struggle to become a professional dancer or follow in his father's foot steps and become a plumber.

AURA LEE | Directed by Mitchell Rose

"Swing through winter fitfully / On the stormy air / Yet if thy blue eyes I see / Gloom will soon depart." To the Civil War-era song Aura Lee, the "maid with golden hair" cuts a lonely figure dancing amidst a snowy wilderness. Choreographed and performed by Charlotte Stickles.

ROLLING FRAMES | Cirected by Katie Garrett

Rolling Frames is a collaboration between a filmmaker, a poet and a choreographer. It's an intimate and personal look into the scenarios of three very different relationships that are affected and manipulated by dependency. At the heart of Rolling Frames are a series of shifting voices and
characters that inhabit three very different relationships. These relationships are linked by the role that dependency plays in each. 

VANISHING LINES | Directed by Sara Silkin

Carol gets lost in her music and loses the reality that surrounds her.

APPROACHING-THE-PUDDLE | Directed by Sebastian Gimmel

approaching-the-puddle is a dance short in which a curious woman appropriately dressed for a rainy day explores her environment at an empty car park. Around puddles she dances in child-like play, drifts into a fantastic inner world, and unravels a magical place as her rubber boots come to life.

INHERITOR RECORDINGS | Directed by Sophia Wolf & Brian Johnson

A short film created in collaboration between 605 Collective and Director Brian Johnson. Featuring 16 dancers, Inheritor Recordings warps time and place to augment and expand 605's raw physicality. A quiet uprising of a new generation. Inheritor Recordings is a reimagined adaptation of an excerpt from 605's original stage work

CYBIL | Directed by Jonathan Lawley

A short, minimalist, dance film that explores the idea of wanting what you can't have, and discarding what is already yours. Director Jonathan Lawley, compliments the beautiful lines of Tyler Gledhill and Antonella Martinelli by using subtle shadows and silhouettes. Antonella and Tyler interpret Courtnae Bowman's choreography beautifully and will take your breath away.

HOME ALONE | Directed by Adi Halfin

Featuring the Bat Sheva Dance Company ensemble, this short film imparts an atmosphere of 'parental absence' as the dancers make creative use of the space - an abandoned building - combining planned and improvised choreography or "Featuring the Bat Sheva Dance Company ensemble, this video is a sensual exploration of an abandoned space, challenging the limits of body and gravity."

KNOCK | Directed by Thomas Polard & Nathan Smith

The last man on Earth sits alone in a room as three boys have a sleepover telling each other scary stories. A cross-over occurs between a fictional man's life in solitude and the future of one of the boy's very own reality.

G14 | Directed by Harlan Doolittle

A taste of sensory overload. This experimental fashion film explores deification of beauty through a sharp blend of music and image, tapping into the emotional danger of being surrounded by images in the 21st century.

APOTHEOSIS | Directed by Bobbi Dulaney

Apotheosis deals with mental spaces and the barriers, memories and insecurities that haunt and inhibit transcendence and was choreographed for hula hoop and aerial silk dance. The subject exists at first in a featureless void surrounded by the weight of her troubles. Throughout the film she rejects/returns to her despair, but gradually she finds levity and freedom through her movement and exploration of her mind-scape. Her journey is a transition through emotional spaces, higher and higher until she can finally let go of the past.

LITTLE DREAMS | Directed by Wilkie Branson

An independent dance animation about dreams, fears and aspirations.

THE INTERDIMENSIONAL DANCE OF THE 7 VEILS | Directed by Charisse Skye Aguirre, Animated by Dorian Yarnelson

dance animation of the archetypal descent and psychedelic dance into the etherworld--A spiritual initiation of sorts to rekindle old world magic in the day of technology.

ORBIT | Directed by Adrian Eliot and Ian Levine

Spun into orbit, dancers explore movement through cycles, repetition, and disappearance.

SAJAK THOR | Directed by Chris Rogy

Sajak Thor engages with a violent political landscape that has remained challenging in Cambodia ever since the country's nation-wide elections on July 28, 2013. This video depicts the Apsara dancer as peacemaker, delivering a message to the people of Cambodia, at a time of post-election conflict.

CARMEN | Directed by Sara & Urs Baur

CARMEN is the ultimate femme fatal, an identity from which she can not escape. Her exceptional beauty and status as an outsider brings about a fate that is karmic. CARMEN is transformed though the graceful classical Indian dance Mohiniyattam, otherwise known as the dance of the enchantress.  Featuring actor, Michael Irby, and dancer, Vijayalakshmi. 

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Live music and theatrics from roving performers.

Live West African drums by Wooden Roots.

Tribal trance music by Sound Shrine.

Musical performances by roving minstrels.

Face and body painting by C-Love, spreading love, one brush stroke at a time".

Aerial performances by FOCUSfish.

Live silkscreening by Sparky Firepants.

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Click to go to Sparky Firepants website

Live silkscreening by Sparky Firepants. Bring any article of clothing and leave with a TFF'15 memento!

THIS IS AN OUTDOOR SCREENING. The canyon gets cool at night, so a jacket or sweater is advised. Please bring your own blanket, cushion, or lawn chair for comfortable seating on the ball field.

Paid parking is available at the venue. If parking on Topanga Canyon Blvd., make sure all tires are inside the white lines. Flashlights are advised for walking to your car after dark.