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Local Spotlight showcases homegrown Topanga Canyon talent. Written, directed, produced, and starred in by Topanga's own Adams Family, The Shoot also features several Topanga community members, making this a truly homegrown film. Join us for this wild ride of a film and Q&A with filmmakers and cast to follow.

Click image to view trailer

Click image to view trailer

THE SHOOT | Directed by John Adams & Toby Poser


Tommy and Dougie are two weathered musicians who are still living the rock and roll lifestyle, busted broke and desperately dreaming of their big break. Tommy's wife, Maddy, would trade places any day, stable but stuck in her own soul-less job as an assistant fashion stylist.

To pay for their big album, the rockers take out a loan from the wrong kind of lender (the kind that breaks legs for breakfast). Unable to repay the loan they riff on a plan to rob Maddy's photo shoot for a high-end jewelry line in the desert. Fashionistas, models, millions in jewels.... all wrapped up in a nice remote desert package.

Seems easy enough. Of course fashion isn't always pretty, and neither is felony. When all hell breaks loose in the desert, cameras aren't the only thing doing the shooting. The crew scatters into the barren unforgiving landscape with only their lives and the jewels, gambling on the chance that the armed robbers will give up and leave.

Q&A with filmmakers and cast following the screening.

Paid parking is available at the venue. If parking on Topanga Canyon Blvd., make sure all tires are inside the white lines. Flashlights are advised for walking to your car after dark. Carpooling is encouraged.

Food and drinks available for purchase at the event.