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This live reading of excerpts from the winners of TFF'15's Screenplay Competition has something for everyone! In addition to experiencing great stories before they make it to the screen, you'll have an opportunity to chat with the writers, all of whom will be present for this special event.

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BOTH SIDES written by Alastair Murdoch

Bookish postgrad Harry Carlyle arrives in Berlin in 1989 to work on a study-abroad program, which he finds also runs a sideline in petty smuggling between the two halves of the city. When Harry discovers his bosses’ plan to turn East Germany's peaceful freedom demonstrations into murderous riots, and thus provoke the crackdown they believe will keep the Berlin Wall, from which they derive their livelihood, in place, he wants out. Knowing too much for his bosses to allow him to leave, and having been falsely implicated in heroin-trafficking and a murder, Harry must play the racketeers against both East German State Security and Western intelligence services long enough to get himself, and his East German girlfriend, to safety.


A man inherits a Civil War era mansion in Georgia that is haunted by the ghosts of the slaves who were murdered by his great grandfather - Confederate General James Longstreet.

INCREDIBULL written by Gregory Wolk

A fun-loving, young bull in Spain, heroically breaks up an animal fighting ring, only to be hunted by the ring-leader who seeks revenge on him and the animals he liberated.

THE SEIZURE written by Robert Rabinovitz

A NYC Design Professor experiences the initial stages of a life threatening brain abscess and seizure while we walk through his life of sex, drugs and rock and roll. His twisted ten block round about journey to the hospital questions the deeper and more complex issues and causes of a brain infection and disease.

TANGLED SPIRITS written by Eric P. Granger

When we die, our spirits leave our bodies and rise to rejoin the spirit sphere that encircles the earth. But a rogue comet rips through the earth's atmosphere and interrupts their ascent and entangles five ascending spirits; plummeting them back to Earth. In the mayhem, the spirits return to their wrong bodies. The revived body of eight year old Travis, who drowned in the family swimming pool, now houses the spirit of a violent Hispanic gang member. Travis's mother, along with paranormal Psychologist Dr. Sandoval, search for answers and discover many other persons with their spirits having shifted to the bodies of other people who should have died.

Paid parking is available at the venue. If parking on Topanga Canyon Blvd., make sure all tires are inside the white lines. Flashlights are advised for walking to your car after dark.

Food and drinks available for purchase at the event.