Calling all space coyotes! Blast off to another dimension with a mind-bending collection of experimental short films followed by music videos.

Our experimental and music video showcase pushes the boundaries of cinema in abstract creative approach to filmmaking and risk-taking with eye candy that will appeal to the avant garde connoisseur.


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CYBERGENESIS | Directed by André Silva


A fantastical, animated journey (segments of which have been creatively crowd-sourced) that imagines a future creation myth, crafted by cyber consciousness from bits and pieces of humanity's online legacy..

I LOVE YOU | Directed by Daniel Watkins


A mistreatment of the digital image.

SUBTLE DISTANCE | Directed by Christina Santa Cruz


For every trip and/or move we bring various amounts of suitcases and boxes filled with our tactile possessions. Have we become obsessed or is it merely a necessity in order to be comfortable in one's own skin? I don't know...

RAPTURE OF THE PETALS | Directed by Kathy Rose

A hidden world…a rustle of activity…the life of the Insect. In the night things are born, hatch and grow into magnificent beings, soaring over the moon. At the end of their sojourn a Queen lady/insect emerges. Her figure was inspired by the long legged supernatural ghost figure in Japanese lore - "Taka Onna". Rapture of the Petals continues my fascination with Noh and Japanese theater with their attachment to the supernatural; enchantment and all things strange. The music by Walter Giger was used originally for a choreographed solo by myself called "Precious Metals", using stretch gold lame.

REDPOINT | Directed by Motahareh Ahmadpour

You can see a wonderful city...with your all of your senses!

VISUAL VARIATIONS ON FLESH | Directed by Madison McClintock


"Imagine an eye unruled by man-made laws of perspective, an eye unprejudiced by compositional logic, an eye which does not respond to the name of everything but which must know each object encountered in life through an adventure of perception…”– Stan Brakhage. The human body in its physical state. A call for perception through the senses rather than the mind, to disassociate flesh from its common connotations of pornography, voyeurism, and self-consciousness.

THE FALLEN PHOENIX | Directed by Gwen Barriac

The story of an established composer who struggles to write a masterpiece that pleases both himself and his sponsor. Ultimately, he realizes he has to choose between staying true to his art and pleasing those around him. The fable of the Phoenix is used as a framework for the story. Though the Phoenix may fall in flames, his music lives on triumphantly! The story is told without any spoken words, using music and images alone. The music is classical in style but uses many electronic sounds and techniques, such as sequencers and arpeggiators.

OCEAN | Directed by Stephanie Maxwell

A dramatic and powerful choreography of light and motion in the ocean's 'swash' zone, the turbulent area of water that washes in from the sea up on the beach. Filmed in HD in close-up detail on the beaches around Newport, Oregon, sunlight on the moving water and bottom sand reveal the infinitely animated and ever-changing world of visual compositions and events that have a charged, emotive power when presented as distinct variations and themes interwoven with the musical score. The film is lively and sensuous and reveals an extraordinary beauty that is palpable in the most minute and subtle domains along the beach. 

G14 | Directed by by Harlan Doolittle


A taste of sensory overload. This experimental fashion film explores deification of beauty through a sharp blend of music and image, tapping into the emotional danger of being surrounded by images in the 21st century.

MISSION | Directed by Rebecca Rogers

An optical fetish.


POEINA - "GASOLINE" | Directed by Brett Spackman


A girl armed with glitter and a guitar brings her vibrance to a gritty city.

A LIGHT SKIP INTO FLIGHT | Directed by Ian Edward Weir

A music video by filmmaker and musician Ian Edward Weir. The song is an original composition performed on the African Tongue Drum. Take a hypnotic journey, watching creatures both big and small take flight, filmed throughout Florida's beautiful parks and nature reserves.

JADUDAH - "RED" | Directed by Maida Hals

A wedding photo captures the love for a short moment, a strange moment that might last an eternity. Music video for Jadudah.

RYAN ADAMS - "WHEN PIGS FLY" |  Directed by Sandra Boynton


This short film, storyboarded and directed by Sandra Boynton, and wonderfully animated by Ira Baker, shows the gentle relationship between a parent and child (who both happen to be pigs). Look for a cameo by the incomparable Ryan Adams.

CHOPS ft. TIGER JK & TASHA - "TURN IT UP" | Directed by Steve Nguyen


TURN IT UP is an animated music video featuring Tiger JK and Yoon Mi-rae with the soundtrack produced by Scott “CHOPS” Jung off of the Strength In Numbers album.

THE LITTLE MISS - "YOU CAN RUN" | Directed by Jordan Rader


YOU CAN RUN is a western narrative music video following the protaganist and singer, The Little Miss. The music video story is about the internal struggle of good versus evil and accepting and integrating those aspects of the self.

HUGO - "HAILSTORMS" | Directed and Animated by Huaglom


"Hailstorms" talks of a man who has given up on escaping his unavoidable fate and is ready to take on what ever fate throws at him. "Hailstorms" was created with traditional frame by frame animation using water color technique. Then combined with frame by frame digital illustration.

WEEPING AND KEEPING | Directed by Sarina Bernstein


A music video that blurs the line between inner psyche and outer world, exploring truth’s of the human condition. The video depicts the main character’s psychological experience using metaphoric imagery. He encounters an ethereal, mysterious woman in the desert who slips away from his grasp again and again. She is a dream that is representative of his reality. He sees a masked man planting roses in the desert and sees his own desire to cultivate a relationship that is based in illusion. He battles with the man and defeats him, coming to a higher level of personal consciousness. The man rides in a car with a woman who is a counterpoint to his inner world, but in the end perhaps she is just an illusion as well. The story is told in a non-linear experimental fashion to communicate the mysterious nature of the psyche.

FEVER THE GHOST - "SOURCE" | Directed and Animated by Felix Colgrave


A fantastically bizarre animated adventure.

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The biggest predator on ice, Burning Man's temporary metropolis dedicated to community, art, self-expression, and self-reliance, dancing dolphins and more take the screen in a visual feast of 3D short films.

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AMONGST | from the Dolphin Dance Project


Wild dolphins and talented human dancers collaborate as equals to create underwater dances expressing their mutual understanding. Amongst offers audiences a visceral experience of forging meaningful communicative relationships with individuals of another species whose creativity and intelligence rivals our own.

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POLAR BEARS 3D: ICE BEAR | Directed by Adam Ravetch and Sarah Robertson


An enthralling look at the Arctic's biggest predator on ice, capturing rarely-seen behavior, and featuring breathtaking cinematography shot over 12 months in the Canadian Arctic.

DUST TO ASHES | Directed by Arnaud Paris


This 3D documentary about the art and artists at Burning Man, explores their process, achievements, and struggles. With beautiful imagery, colorful characters, and hi-tech filmmaking, this is the best Burning Man experience captured on camera.

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AIRGROUND | Directed by Sylvia Nicolaides

Airground is a 3D video art piece. It is an existential journey portrayed through a group of acrobats simulating a flight that is destined to fall.

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ONE NIGHT IN HELL | Directed by James Hall & Jason Jameson

A devilish and spectacular animation short tells the story of a skeleton’s journey into a stereoscopic hell.

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ELYSIAN FIELDS | Directed by Ina Conradi-Chavez

Inspired by the sacrifices made by generations preceding us and expanding upon an exploration of World War II, Elysian Fields fuses fantastical and historical into a surreal reconfiguration of the present.

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TARANG | Directed by Jonny Greenwald 

Hindi for “wave,” Tarang is a digital exploration of the classical Indian dance style known as Odissi, originating in Odisha, India - “the land of temples and sculptures.” The piece features the choreography and dancing of Aparupa Chatterjee, a National Scholarship in Odissi recipient, paired with a sampling from Pandit Jasraj’s “Is Basant Mein” remixed by Ganesh Rao.

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THE HEART'S EYE VIEW | Directed by Gerald Emetic 

Finding love in the real world.

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REMINISCENCE | Directed by Céline Tricart

In the 21st Century, a young man rediscovers a photo lab forgotten by his ancestors. 19th century, same place, a dreamy young lady have her portrait taken.

CARTA DE LA MUERTE A FRIDA | Directed by Ana Leticia Reyes & Diego Sandoval

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The Youth Salon features short films made by youth filmmakers that touch on such topics as love, war, family, self-discovery, technology, bullying, the brevity of mortality, and more. This year's line-up boasts films from around the world as one of TFF's most beloved categories continues to expand.

When I Grow Up | Directed by Zack Hosseini

Faced with an unclear vision of his future, a young boy must dive deep into his soul to figure out how exactly he wants to spend the rest of his life.

Now I Come As Your Son (Kayna Wawaiki Jamuni) | Directed by Nico Page

A vision of the people, landscapes, and customs of Bolivia, from Altiplano to jungle and across Lake Titicaca, through the eyes and voice of a Chilean-American high-school student, in dialogue with a tour guide, an anthropologist, and other location recordings in the native Quechuan language.

OUT - A Coming Out Documentary | Directed by Tommy Fletcher & Olivia Malesco

Two LGBTQ teenagers share their coming out stories and how they felt before, during, and after their experiences in hopes that they will help others thinking of coming out.

The Last Sigh | Directed by Franck Filippelli


In his living room. A man victim of the consumer society, suffering from his addiction.

A Limine | Directed by Paulina Scepkova

This film shows an old lady at the end of her life, and points out that the end is just a new beginning.

Unplugged | Directed by James Hamill

A shy, awkward boy tries to get a girl despite being addicted to technology.

Black Rock Creek | Directed by Malone Lumarda

A young girl takes a mystical walk along beautiful Black Rock Creek.

Escape Velocity | Directed by James Tralie


A young boy struggles to find beauty in the world around him. From pollution, to landfills, to gray skies and alleyways covered in graffiti, the Earth is ugly in the eyes of this boy. He wants to escape from Earth and travel to the far reaches of the beautiful universe.

Bardo | Directed by Jonah Li-Paz


Through a decision to end his seemingly empty life, a man with a painful past learns something significant about life and the relationship between an empty life and an untimely death.

Take A Stand | Directed by Austin Fickman

One of the biggest issues affecting children and teens worldwide is bullying, and it's continuing to grow and spread to new mediums. The result is harmful, and sometimes fatal. People need to take a stand and put and end to bullying.

Dashiell A Journey Through Autism | Directed by Josh Sutherland

Dashiell is an inspirational journey of a boy who was diagnosed with Autism at age 3.

Souvenirs D'avant | Directed by Dustin Whitley

The Great War rages on as both sides are dug in for a long war of attrition. Through this chaotic war stands a man, a father, who joined the ranks to fight alongside his brethren and for his country to protect that which he keeps most dear.

Bulanti | Directed by Fatih Çalışkan

A fifteen years old boy who escapes from his village. He can't handle the city life anymore and makes his choice.

There Is Still Hope | Directed by Anna Lobanova

On the eve of the new year an orphan boy writes a letter to Santa. His desire is fulfilled, but in a strange way.

The Only Road | Directed by Sergio Valencia

5 years after the Great Nuclear War, Tristan, a lone survivor, tries to survive the desert wastelands and the thugs that roam it.

Less | Directed by Benjamin Glassman

A teen faced with anorexia attempts to divert from the harmful path that he has created for himself while he is faced with pressure from family, friends, and his own inner demons.

Warm Wishes | Directed by Isabella Olaguera

Three marshmallows come to life, escape from their bags and go on an adventure across the kitchen to jump into a mug of hot chocolate.

Model Figure | Directed by Isabella Olaguera

Pressured by society's ideal vision of beauty, Julie, a young teenager, is tempted to experiment with Bulimia.

Sessions | Directed by Amada Sanchez

Sessions takes focus on a therapy group of young adults who seek help with their troubling mental issues. Moments after the session begins, the group notices that their psychologist is a bit bonkers himself. The group is set to take part in a few rather strange activities which are led by Igor, the psychologist. Will Igor be able to successfully impact their lives, or will he lose his patients?

In The Absence Of Adulthood | Directed by Gwendolyn Kudra Billings

A girl reflects on her childhood.

My Rebirth...Creatively | Directed by James Tralie


My Rebirth... Creatively tells the story of a young man who finds his voice and purpose in life through his creative musical outlet. He is able to shed his old self through a spiritual rebirth and the guidance he receives at his new school.

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