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Take a walk on the wild side with this diverse and inspiring collection of nature and wildlife short films that are great for all ages!

A LIGHT SKIP INTO FLIGHT | Directed by Ian Edward Weir

A music video by filmmaker and musician Ian Edward Weir. The song is an original composition performed on the African Tongue Drum. Take a hypnotic journey, watching creatures both big and small take flight, filmed throughout Florida's beautiful parks and nature reserves.

52 WEEKENDS IN CHILE | Directed by Pier Paolo Colonnello


Pier Paolo Colonnello is a 28 years old, Chilean entrepreneur and fanatical sportsman. Bored of working from Monday to Friday without time to do what he loves most, Pier decided to take a fallow year...while still working. This film shows how Pier spent all 52 weekends of a year, and how he proves that is not necessary to take vacations to enjoy life at maximum.

HALF WAY THROUGH | Directed by Kris Kubik

A journey of two golden mantella frogs in their natural habitat in the Madagascar jungle. The story begins with the male mantella frog calling to a female mantella. Against all odds and all obstacles, the male golden mantella keeps moving to find his mate. Despite his long and lonely pursuit, he is determined to find a female mantella somewhere in the jungle. Just as he gets close to her, he faces his biggest obstacle yet!



A true story about some South Australian primary school children who set out to save a rare fish from extinction.

PRESCRIPTION STRENGTH | Directed by Justin Bogardus

One lost man, longing for the apocalypse, neutered and crippled by modern life, finds an answer...a hilarious and obvious truth he was missing (and as he discovers - many of us were missing) all along. 

TORTOISE IN PERIL | Directed by Tim Branning

In the U.S. humans have helped ravens move into the desert which was previously inhospitable for ravens. People provide ravens with food, water and nesting sites. As a result, raven populations have increased by 1,500% in some desert areas. This increase is impacting the environment, especially for tortoises. Desert tortoises are a threatened species. Habitat destruction, diseases and other factors have reduced their numbers by up to 90%. Now ravens are eating baby tortoises reducing the odds of tortoise survival as a species. This documentary explores that impact, pointing out how people can change the environment through seemingly innocent actions.

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