• 1440 N Topanga Canyon Blvd
  • Topanga, CA, 90290
  • United States

A celebration of unparalleled International shorts from Germany, Norway, Bulgaria, France, USA and of course, Topanga. 


Апетит/SUCH APPETITE | Directed by Stoyan Nikolaev & Rumen Pavlov

Occupational safety manual.

LOVE AND A LUG WRENCH | Directed by Jeffrey Fleisig


Pete's absurdly desperate plan to win over his dream girl is everyone else's nightmare in this tale of forbidden love and misguided affection.

MY MOM'S MOTORCYCLE | Directed by Douglas Gautraud

A look into how objects can connect us to people, places and ideas.

WAITING FOR YOU | Directed by Susan Matus


An old man finds himself lost, alone, and fearful of what lies ahead until his daughter returns home to help him move through his uncertainty and to find acceptance in what lies ahead.

DE UINVITERTE | Directed by Haakon Anton Olavsen

Ola, Haakon and Meron have decided to unexpectedly drop in on Ida, a girl at their school that none of them really know.

CAREER GIRL | Directed by Fortunato Porcopio and Johanna Watts

On the morning of the most important meeting of her life, Monica wakes up with a huge problem.

ADJUST-A-DREAM | Directed by Jonathan Wysocki


Trust issues are tested as a gay male couple shop for their first mattress.

THE FALLEN PHOENIX | Directed by Gwendolyn Barriac

A composer struggles to write a masterpiece that pleases both himself and his sponsor. Ultimately, he realizes he has to choose between staying true to his art and pleasing those around him.

BARKER | Directed by Dave Paige


Reeling from a recent break-up, Ollie seeks comfort in wine, punk rock, and the tribal closeness of his friend-family. When dragged out of the house by his two best friends, the three embark on a surreal, wild night; experiencing the emotional spectrum of what it's like to be young and alive on earth.

FERDINAND KNAPP | Directed by Andrea Baldini


Ferdinand Knapp is the pre-eminent actor in French theatre, revered by all. In preparing for a new play however, the lines between his character's malevolent personality and his own begin to blur.

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