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The Youth Salon features short films made by youth filmmakers that touch on such topics as love, war, family, self-discovery, technology, bullying, the brevity of mortality, and more. This year's line-up boasts films from around the world as one of TFF's most beloved categories continues to expand.

When I Grow Up | Directed by Zack Hosseini

Faced with an unclear vision of his future, a young boy must dive deep into his soul to figure out how exactly he wants to spend the rest of his life.

Now I Come As Your Son (Kayna Wawaiki Jamuni) | Directed by Nico Page

A vision of the people, landscapes, and customs of Bolivia, from Altiplano to jungle and across Lake Titicaca, through the eyes and voice of a Chilean-American high-school student, in dialogue with a tour guide, an anthropologist, and other location recordings in the native Quechuan language.

OUT - A Coming Out Documentary | Directed by Tommy Fletcher & Olivia Malesco

Two LGBTQ teenagers share their coming out stories and how they felt before, during, and after their experiences in hopes that they will help others thinking of coming out.

The Last Sigh | Directed by Franck Filippelli


In his living room. A man victim of the consumer society, suffering from his addiction.

A Limine | Directed by Paulina Scepkova

This film shows an old lady at the end of her life, and points out that the end is just a new beginning.

Unplugged | Directed by James Hamill

A shy, awkward boy tries to get a girl despite being addicted to technology.

Black Rock Creek | Directed by Malone Lumarda

A young girl takes a mystical walk along beautiful Black Rock Creek.

Escape Velocity | Directed by James Tralie


A young boy struggles to find beauty in the world around him. From pollution, to landfills, to gray skies and alleyways covered in graffiti, the Earth is ugly in the eyes of this boy. He wants to escape from Earth and travel to the far reaches of the beautiful universe.

Bardo | Directed by Jonah Li-Paz


Through a decision to end his seemingly empty life, a man with a painful past learns something significant about life and the relationship between an empty life and an untimely death.

Take A Stand | Directed by Austin Fickman

One of the biggest issues affecting children and teens worldwide is bullying, and it's continuing to grow and spread to new mediums. The result is harmful, and sometimes fatal. People need to take a stand and put and end to bullying.

Dashiell A Journey Through Autism | Directed by Josh Sutherland

Dashiell is an inspirational journey of a boy who was diagnosed with Autism at age 3.

Souvenirs D'avant | Directed by Dustin Whitley

The Great War rages on as both sides are dug in for a long war of attrition. Through this chaotic war stands a man, a father, who joined the ranks to fight alongside his brethren and for his country to protect that which he keeps most dear.

Bulanti | Directed by Fatih Çalışkan

A fifteen years old boy who escapes from his village. He can't handle the city life anymore and makes his choice.

There Is Still Hope | Directed by Anna Lobanova

On the eve of the new year an orphan boy writes a letter to Santa. His desire is fulfilled, but in a strange way.

The Only Road | Directed by Sergio Valencia

5 years after the Great Nuclear War, Tristan, a lone survivor, tries to survive the desert wastelands and the thugs that roam it.

Less | Directed by Benjamin Glassman

A teen faced with anorexia attempts to divert from the harmful path that he has created for himself while he is faced with pressure from family, friends, and his own inner demons.

Warm Wishes | Directed by Isabella Olaguera

Three marshmallows come to life, escape from their bags and go on an adventure across the kitchen to jump into a mug of hot chocolate.

Model Figure | Directed by Isabella Olaguera

Pressured by society's ideal vision of beauty, Julie, a young teenager, is tempted to experiment with Bulimia.

Sessions | Directed by Amada Sanchez

Sessions takes focus on a therapy group of young adults who seek help with their troubling mental issues. Moments after the session begins, the group notices that their psychologist is a bit bonkers himself. The group is set to take part in a few rather strange activities which are led by Igor, the psychologist. Will Igor be able to successfully impact their lives, or will he lose his patients?

In The Absence Of Adulthood | Directed by Gwendolyn Kudra Billings

A girl reflects on her childhood.

My Rebirth...Creatively | Directed by James Tralie


My Rebirth... Creatively tells the story of a young man who finds his voice and purpose in life through his creative musical outlet. He is able to shed his old self through a spiritual rebirth and the guidance he receives at his new school.

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