Virtual reality experiences

The Topanga Film Festival is delighted to present some of the best VR Installations in the world. We have showcased innovators from around the world who all find unique ways to use immersive technologies to tell stories in a new way. 

6:30 - 7:30 FRI* & 12:00-6:30 PM SAT & SUN (*Excluding Giant)


Giant Still 02.png

Giant by milica zec

Trapped in an active war-zone, two parents struggle to distract their young daughter by inventing a fantastical tale. Inspired by real events, this immersive virtual-reality experience transports the viewer into the family's makeshift basement shelter. The parents' fairytale intensifies as bomb-blasts draw closer and closer...

"The best virtual reality from the 2016 Sundance Film Festival: It's deeply personal story is briefly told but powerful" -The Verge



The Doghouse By Makropol

A dining room table with chairs is placed in the middle of a white room.

The table is set for five and on each plate awaits a pair of video-glasses and head- phones. You sit down, put on the glasses and headphones, and instantly a film opens and you are a part of it.

You are at a family dinner. Mum and dad have made roast beef. Older brother has brought his new girlfriend home for the first time. And little brother is trying to avoid the inevitable disaster.

"This is really new territory. For the body, the mind, and the art" - Politiken

"There's a before and an after The Doghouse" - Atlas Mag



The fight for falluja by ben c solomon

“The Fight for Falluja” allows viewers to experience, firsthand, the battles that Iraqi forces endured to retake Falluja form ISIS this June. Ben C. Solomon, the Pulitzer Prize-winning filmmaker and video journalist for The New York Times, chronicles the push to retake the city and the aftermath, not just of that battle but of the larger war that has devastated the entire region. This 11-minute experience is available on the NYT VR app.

Photo: Brian Denton for The New York Times


Tilt brush installation by hydro studios

Berlin based artist Johannes Huntenburg has designed a TFF exclusive exhibition in virtual space with opportunity for the audience to collaborate. When in this installation you can paint in mid-air to create a 360 degree + 3 dimensional collective art exhibition. 

EWA still 3.png

ewa by makropol

Experience a memory.

Through the eyes of Ewa, you will access a world you have never seen before. You will be born as Ewa, you will grow up as Ewa, and as Ewa you will fight to free yourself.

A chapter of Ewa's life has been released.



The Parksville Murders by cari ann shim sham + lightsail vr + opera on tap

The world's first opera horror in VR. 

Two young women (Sarah and Corrine) wake up confused and terrified in a dark, surreal, music-filled world of incongruities and evil intentions, a space where Time seems to have curved in on itself somehow. Grotesque, masked figures slowly gather around the two from the corners of the darkened room, ceremoniously awaiting the women’s fate. As the thundering sonic world escalates and The Watchers descend upon them, one woman fights her way out, only to find that ‘out’ might be yet another illusion in this horrific, virtual universe. Will you help Sarah?